QUICK POST!!!!!!!!!

Also, mad love for my photographer, Aalia Ahmed.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty rough hence I’ve sort of resumed listening to grunge. 

On this day, I rolled out of bed with unkempt hair (as I always do), literally just picked up a crop top from Zara that’d been lying around for a while. The flannel that I’m wearing is from American Eagle Outfitters. Layer all you want basically. I’d have thrown an oversized cardigan on top of this if I’d had the time lol. 

I went with minimalistic makeup: just a bold color for the lips and plenty of my favorite maybelline spider lash effect mascara for the eyes. 

For me, my favorite piece from this shoot is my lace up ankle boots that is essential to any grunge themed look I sport. 

That’s all for now!